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The elevating coffee table is a great solution for the living room, where we can adapt our coffee table according to the needs we have at all times, from having a drink with a central table to be able to use it as a side table, to being able to dine on it from for example on the sofa, simply by using the highest position of these elevating and extending coffee tables and being able to dine from the sofa comfortably. The idea of an extendable coffee table does not seem very successful , especially when we do not have a large space for a dining table or we really like the idea of being able to have a drink or dinner near the sofa with a medium height and not low . For all this, at Topkit Furniture we have a series of models of elevating coffee tables, which are adjusted to the practicality and versatility that our customers are looking for . We have a wide variety of types of lift-up tables, from a lift-up glass coffee table, through a convertible coffee table or lift-up and extendable designer coffee tables.

Cheap coffee tables in topkit, with the best quality and at the best price.


At Topkit we have been manufacturers of kit furniture for more than 20 years. Through our website we try to bring our entire product catalog directly, in this case elevating coffee tables, directly from the factory to the end customer, considerably reducing the price of our furniture and obtaining the best quality. From Topkit we offer you different types of elevating living room tables so that you can choose according to design and color what best suits your needs.

Liftable and extendable coffee tables

All our elevating living room tables are made of high-density chipboard and melamine, with a thickness of 30mm and a 1mm PVC edge. All our elevating coffee tables have a guide system to raise the top of the table of high quality and resistance over time. Lastly, all of our lift-up tables have a tray located under the main countertop as a hidden drawer for small storage.

For what use do we recommend an elevating coffee table?


It is not only the comfort of having a table in front of the sofa where you can make life without having to put the dining room table, which are usually larger, or put a larger table on the terrace. The elevating living room tables serve as support for the main tables. With this type of table there is no need to 'scramble' everything for a comfortable evening, especially when there are only 2 of you at home. With them you can easily dine from the sofa, in the same living room or living room.

At Topkit we have a wide range of elevating living room tables that you can choose for the corner of the house you want. Visit our website and see the great prices we have and how easy it is to acquire it.

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