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Modern office tables

If you need to create your own office, in the office or at home, in TopKit you can find several models of modern office tables.

Those tables with straight lines, simple and clean, with plenty of space on the top of the table, to be able to work easily.

There are modern , simple desks with drawers and open shelves or with doors, without handles for the openings, making them easy to use.

All tables are very easy to assemble, and very robust.

What are desks?

 They are classic office tables , you can make your table complete with the corner and another table on the side to make the complete angle.

They have cable glands to organize all the cables of the computer devices, well organized, and with metal regulation legs to overcome irregularities in the floor.

All tables are very easy to assemble, and very robust.

In your choice you have wooden and white office tables , if you want a more formal or more informal environment.

Cheap desks with the best quality

At topkit we manage to have a wide variety of cheap office tables, since we have been furniture manufacturers for more than 20 years. With this we manage to take the office or dispatch tables directly from our factory to the final customer, being able to adjust the prices as much as possible. possible without reducing the quality of our tables. For all this you can buy your cheap desk on our website.

Main characteristics of our desks

Our desks are made of 30/19mm thick high-density chipboard and high-scratch-resistant melamine. At topkit we have two colors of tables: wenge desks and oak desks according to the style and needs of our customers. The measurements of our desks vary according to the width, having widths of 100cm, 140cm, 160cm and 180c available. As well as corner office table furniture with regulating metal leg. The average time for setting up the tables is 30 minutes. The desks are very easy to assemble and come with very simple assembly instructions.


Recommendations for the correct assembly of our desks

- Unpack the desk carefully, cutting the protective plastic with a cutter or scissors without perforating the cardboard.

- Once the plastic has been removed, remove the cardboard cover that we will in turn use, to serve as a protective support to place the pieces and thus have an overview of the whole; It is also advisable to use a rug, carpet or similar to support the pieces, since the space of the cardboard lid in many cases is not enough to house all the pieces.

- Check according to the instruction manual that we have all the pieces that make up the furniture; that is: melamine boards, glass, metal fittings, screws, dowels, plugs, hinges, locks, etc.

- Once the pieces have been organized and tested, we proceed to assemble them according to the instruction manual.

Tips during the assembly of our desk

1-Bolts and dowels: insert bolts and dowels carefully, and place them where indicated in the instructions.

2-Eccentrics: placement of the eccentric; place the arrow of the eccentric in the same direction as the hole in the head, tighten with a screwdriver turning (direction of the arrow) the eccentric half a turn until it stops (do not force)

3-Hinges: it is advisable to use a hammer for installation, taking care not to damage the hinge, alternating the hammer blows once for each plug/screw so that it enters as straight as possible and thus does not damage the previously machined holes in the hinge. part. To adjust the hinge, consult the instruction manual.

4-Drawer guides: pay attention to the holes in the lower part, since the instructions indicate in which hole the screw is placed, and thus the placement distance will be correct; in turn look at the direction of the guide(front)

5-Drawer bottoms: place the colored side face up and insert it in the correct direction, check before gluing the drawer.

6-Gualderas: look at the different sides of the gualdera (left, right and bottom)

7-Handles: insert the screws into the corresponding holes, then place the handle and tighten the screws so that it is correctly adjusted to the front of the drawer.

8-Legs, wheels, regulation screw, nail cap: assemble with the furniture on its side and use the hammer for correct adjustment (nail cap and regulation screw) or screw (legs and wheels)

Recommended tools for assembly: Phillips screwdriver, hammer and Allen key (included)

Do you have any questions about our office tables?

For any questions or queries, call us at 91 083 09 15 and we will inform you about any of our products, offering you the best solution for your office.



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