We take care of nature: FSC and PEFC to conserve the environment

At TOPKIT MUEBLES we only work with board companies that have the FSC and PEFC certificates in order to be able to manufacture all our furniture in a sustainable way, guaranteeing the conservation of the forests.

What are FSC and PEFC Certifications?

The growing need for environmental conservation forces us to apply environmentally friendly management techniques that guarantee survival and sustainability, and that at the same time allow us to obtain social and economic benefits. The social awareness of consumers is causing an increase in the demand for products that respect the environment . To manage this increased demand for sustainable practices, the FSC and PEFC forest management certifications have been created.

These certifications are based on the implementation of traceability or chain of custody systems, which guarantee the sustainable origin of the product, this implies verifying that the product comes from areas with certified forest management and, in turn, the control of all the steps of the production process. production, transportation and distribution.

In this voluntary process certified by independent companies, traceability monitoring is carried out throughout the entire production process based on its forest harvesting activity: wood cutting, cork extraction, loading and transport, etc., processing industrial: sawing, drying, chipping, etc., until delivery to the next productive link: graphic arts, publishing houses, magazines.

The final result of all this is the granting of the Chain of Custody certification , which supposes an improvement of the internal management both productive and administrative, constituting a public and independent recognition before the society, and at the same time, the certified products present an added value, which gives them greater competitive advantages in today's most demanding markets.

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