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Topkit is an online store

created to satisfy the need of customers to find a good and efficient service when making a purchase of kit furniture, in addition to making the delivery directly to their home, without the need for queues, waiting and costly transfers. We have very competitive prices as well as quality proven by years of experience and permanence in the market. Our suppliers, with whom we have been working for more than 20 years, are a reference in the market for manufacturing materials such as boards, hardware... this has allowed us to stay in the sector for so many years with kit furniture, selling furniture to distribution chains both national and international, furniture stores, store equipment distributors...

sustainable wood

The boards used to make our furniture come from a sustainable practice of extracting wood from forests. For this reason, we work with companies that have the ISO 14001 environmental certificate and with companies of the FSC group, whose mission includes, explicitly and centrally, the improvement of the quality of life and the situation of people and workers dependent on the forest. TopKit collaborates with sustainable forest management through the certification of the PEFC Wood Chain of Custody Management Systems.


Our R+D+i department deals daily with generating new products with the highest quality standards. We research, project and develop new furniture, new forms, new designs each season to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding customer in an ever-changing environment.

Maintaining high levels of quality and adjusting to competitive commercial margins can only be achieved by annually reviewing the manufacturing processes. That is why the automation of several of the production stages becomes a necessity today. We use the most advanced technology within modern facilities to achieve the best results.

All our products are previously tested, surpassing phase by phase the different quality standards that we have established from the R+D+i department. This is the only way to guarantee the best product, at the best price and with the highest degree of satisfaction for the end customer.

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