Modern shoe racks online

At home you don't know where to store all your shoes? Do they accumulate everywhere? Do you need a cheap shoe rack? At Topkit we have the solution! On our website you can buy the shoe rack that best suits your needs.

We offer a wide variety of shoe racks at your disposal, where you can choose the color, size and models that best match your home. We adapt to your need!

Shoe racks have become an essential piece of furniture to keep the house clean and tidy. At topkit we have a wide variety of modern shoe cabinets so you can adapt them to any part of the house.

Perfect shoe racks for your hall

One of our star products is the hall shoe rack, also called the entrance shoe rack, since it is a very versatile area where it is important to be able to store all the shoes in the house in an orderly manner. This wall shoe rack offers a compact solution with a large capacity for shoes or boots depending on the model.

Furniture that helps you take advantage of the space in your home

The functionality of any element of the home is vital today along with the use of space, something scarce in almost all houses.

 Having your shoes organized and stored makes them last longer, you can find them faster, and you can live better and enjoy longer.

They can be made of many materials, solid wood, metal, plastic, ours made of melamine with all 1 mm thick PVC edges, which are very resistant and easy to clean, simply with a cloth moistened with soapy water, then simply dry. , this to do a deep cleaning, the rest of the days, simply pass a cloth.

They serve us for the whole family, for shoes, sandals, sneakers, boots or ankle boots, depending on the model you choose.

Also for boots, there are models that allow you to store them, without bending or damaging them, with the small drawers we can use them to store shoe cleaning supplies and bags for when we go on a trip.

There are models with mirrors on the doors, which allow us to see ourselves when getting dressed, and we can take advantage of the space with a double function. We can install them at the entrance, in the corridor, in the room, in the bathroom, those with little depth are ideal for behind doors, they take up very little space and provide great functionality. We can take advantage of the upper space to have some personal detail, photos, boxes, keys...

I recommend that you always screw them to the wall, especially when they are tall and narrow, it is very easy and guarantees you will not have any accidents.

Also a trick, put a bag of air freshener or one to paste inside the shoe cabinet, you will always have a good smell.

At topkit we have cheap shoe cabinets with the best quality at the best price

If you need to buy a cheap shoe rack, at Topkit we offer you a large number of models and colors of shoe racks, one of the most popular is the white shoe rack, mainly due to its versatility and easy combination. At Topkit Furniture we are furniture manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience. In our factory we have a very refined manufacturing process and on the other hand we save costs since we offer our users directly our shoe racks from our factory to the end customer, always with the best quality and adjusting the price to the maximum.

Main characteristics of our shoe cabinets

All our shoe racks are made of high-density chipboard and melamine, with a thickness of 16mm and a 1mm PVC edge. Our shoe racks have high quality fittings and mechanisms, enduring in perfect condition over time.

We have a wide variety of types of shoe cabinets, from shoe cabinets with built-in mirror, narrow 50 cm shoe cabinets, shoe cabinets with shelves, double shoe cabinets with a width of 150 cm as well as height, we have shoe cabinets and shoe cabinets from 100 cm to 170 cm Tall.

On the other hand, almost all of our shoe cabinets are available in white, Wenge, Oak and some models in Mozart white and Puccini Oak. Consult our list of shoe racks where we directly indicate the colors available for each model.

Finally, to assemble our shoe racks, you need a screwdriver and a hammer, as well as an allen key that is included in the order. The average assembly time for our shoe racks is between 20 min and 45 min depending on the selected model.

Recommendations for the assembly of our shoe cabinets

- Unpack the shoe cabinet carefully, cutting the protective plastic with a cutter or scissors without perforating the cardboard.

- Once the plastic has been removed, remove the cardboard cover that we will in turn use, to serve as a protective support to place the pieces and thus have an overview of the whole; It is also advisable to use a rug, carpet or similar to support the pieces, since the space of the cardboard lid in many cases is not enough to house all the pieces.

- Check according to the instruction manual that we have all the pieces that make up the furniture; that is: melamine boards, glass, metal fittings, screws, dowels, plugs, hinges, locks, etc...

- Once the pieces have been organized and tested, we proceed to assemble them according to the instruction manual.

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