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The radiator covers hide the radiators and allow us to use them as small auxiliary furniture. A table lamp, some photos, some boxes, the empty pockets when we get home, are elements that we can place on the radiator cover.

Covers perfect radiators for your home

The biggest advantage is that they prevent the wall where we have the radiators from getting dirty, by preventing the grease that sometimes is released and blackens the wall or the curtains from coming out. It also provides us with a design element, we can coordinate it with the colors of our room and it gives us a touch of style, simplicity and elegance.

Does furniture covering radiators reduce the power of my heating?

This is an important issue when deciding to install a radiator cover, studies carried out in this regard, depending on the most solid models and with less opening to the outside, the maximum reduction can be 2%, according to studies carried out. In our models of radiator covers specifically, the air circulates perfectly, they have wide openings that let the air out into the room without creating any type of heat loss.

The temperature of my radiators is very high. Can it damage the radiator covers?

As a general rule, the difference in degrees between both radiator covers and radiator should not exceed 5º C, with an average of 25º C in the radiator. In topkit all the materials have passed resistance tests at temperatures above 40ºC, without altering their properties, showing that our furniture has the best qualities for this type of installation.

At Topkit we have radiator covers with innovative designs and unique modern radiator covers on the market, made with 30/16 mm thick boards and 1mm PVC edge, our radiator covers fit perfectly to the wall plinth.

Where can we buy cheap radiator covers?

Topkit we have been manufacturers of radiator covers for 20 years, being direct factory distribution you can buy cheap radiator covers at the most reasonable price, with the best quality. At topkit we have three sizes, which are 60, 90 and 120cm, the most common for radiator covers, and all the colors that best combine in your home in wenge, white or oak. At Topkit we ship radiator covers completely free throughout the peninsula and both the Balearic and Canary Islands (ask for shipping costs to the islands).

Recommendations for the assembly of our radiator covers

 - Unpack the radiator cover unit carefully, cutting the protective plastic with a cutter or scissors without perforating the cardboard.

- Once the plastic has been removed, remove the cardboard cover that we will in turn use, to serve as a protective support to place the pieces and thus have an overview of the whole; It is also advisable to use a rug, carpet or similar to support the pieces, since the space of the cardboard lid in many cases is not enough to house all the pieces.

- Check according to the instruction manual that we have all the pieces that make up the furniture; that is: melamine boards, glass, metal fittings, screws, dowels, plugs, hinges, locks, etc.

- Once the pieces have been organized and tested, we proceed to assemble them according to the instruction manual.

Advice during the assembly of the radiator cover cabinet

1-Bolts and dowels: insert bolts and dowels carefully, and place them where indicated in the instructions.

2-Eccentrics: placement of the eccentric; place the arrow of the eccentric in the same direction as the hole in the head, tighten with a screwdriver turning (direction of the arrow) the eccentric half a turn until it stops (do not force)

3-Hinges: it is advisable to use a hammer for installation, taking care not to damage the hinge, alternating the hammer blows once for each plug/screw so that it enters as straight as possible and thus does not damage the previously machined holes in the hinge. part. To adjust the hinge, consult the instruction manual.

4-Drawer guides: pay attention to the holes in the lower part, since the instructions indicate in which hole the screw is placed, and thus the placement distance will be correct; in turn look at the direction of the guide(front)

5-Drawer bottoms: place the colored side face up and insert it in the correct direction, check before gluing the drawer.

6-Gualderas: look at the different sides of the gualdera (left, right and bottom)

7-Handles: insert the screws into the corresponding holes, then place the handle and tighten the screws so that it is correctly adjusted to the front of the drawer.

8-Legs, wheels, regulation screw, nail cap: assemble with the furniture on its side and use the hammer for correct adjustment (nail cap and regulation screw) or screw (legs and wheels)

 Recommended tools for assembly: Phillips screwdriver, hammer and Allen key (included)

Do you have any questions about our radiator covers?

For any questions or queries, call us at 91 083 09 15 and we will inform you about any of our products, offering you the best solution for your home.

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